Danger Imminent Le très beau mix ténébreux ; charbon d’une époque qui cherche toujours son c(H)ristal, de Max Fraisier-Roux avec des morceaux de Glaze Furtivo dedans, enfin en écoute sur le MixCloud de Pigalle Paris Radio

Enjoy… ‪#‎Ambient‬ ‪#‎MaxFraisierRoux‬ ‪#‎GlazeFurtivo‬

Playlist :
00:00 Glaze Furtivo _ Afcrash
08:41 Villeneuve _ Stelarc
14:28 Jonathan Fitoussi & Clément Hourrière _ Solstice Winter
17:45 Glaze Furtivo _ Curtain
19:08 NSI _ A.R.T. II
21:47 Etienne Jaumet _ Midnight Man
29:00 Jonathan Fitoussi & Clément Hourrière _ Aurore boréale
34:24 Fraction _ Astral Rain Messager
37:35 The Explosion _ Let’s Love
48:23 Glaze Furtivo _ Slomo
51:47 ESB _ Late


Last ambient opus « I HOPE I SOON WILL BE A PLACE » by Glaze Furtivo online after the Icefm Radioshow#24 on reboot.fm/Berlin.

Thanks IceFm for these words !

“Ice FM likes supporting young talents who deserve to be known and sharing their work to introduce them to you, off the beaten track.
We’ve already playlisted some Glaze Furtivo’s compositions, here is a new one-hour one specially offered for Reboot FM!
Glaze Furtivo is specialized in jazzy and improvised melodies, also in atmospheric musical colors for ambiant works and OST.
Here is its last opus, tinged with melancholic accents through heavy synths harmonies; but well, not this melancholia turned to darkness and minor mode, but to light in major mode sound waves.
Just take time to chill out and welcome this musical proposal for spring and sunny days and evenings.” M.F.R on reboot.fm